Hard Drive Engine

Hard Drive Engine Documentation

Extended Functions Tab
  • Bit locker detection
    Bit locker Encryption Detection Feature that enables you to display your bitlocker recovery key. hard drive engine will detect bitlocker encryption if enabled and mounted automatically displaying your recovery key.
  • Report Header
    Add your company details
  • Create Tech Portable USB
    Will copy all pertinent files to a USB stick that will allow a technician to take the USB stick and run the Hard Drive Engine.
  • Load Drives
    Launches the application to search and list any compatible devices including hard drives and USB compatible storage
  • Create Report
    Creates an HTML Based report displaying the results with a brief decryption of the attributes found
  • Enable Drive Mounting
    Enables windows to auto mount your device (Windows Default Setting)
  • Disable Drive Mounting
    Prevents windows from accessing and auto mounting a possible bad drive
  • DTI Data services
    Link to our website with descriptions of in house services
  • DTI Data Work Order
    Link to our printable work order to accompany any media that you might need recovered
  • Critical Read Test
    Performs a non-destructive sector read test in critical areas such as the Partition sector, Boot Sector and Master File Table (MFT)
  • Short Read Test
    Performs a short random non-destructive sector read test with error message display
  • Long read Test
    Performs a long random non-destructive sector read test with error message display.
  • Drive to Drive Clone
    Clone an old hard drive to a new hard drive with bad block identifier on errors
  • Drive to Image Clone
    Clone an old hard drive to a Model, Serial and Power On Hours labeled .IMG File with bad block identifier on errors
  • Forensic Clone
    Creates a Bit by Bit Mirror Image while creating a Calculated MD5 Hash Value unique to the created image with an optional verify of that image
  • Image to Drive
    Restore an image to a device that you had previously created
  • Quick Disk View
    A pop up window that looks at the RAW HEX data on a disk (Good for evaluating wiped or formatted media)
  • Terminate Current Task
    Terminates any current task in operation early
  • Exit
    Exits the application
Engine Colors
  • White
    Hard drive Engine - A simple guide for displaying the smart based condition of your hard drive
  • Green
    Your hard drive appears to be functioning correctly and has not recorded any errors.
  • Blue
    Age threshold exceeds 3 to 5 years or minor relocated sectors errors are starting to develop. It is recommended backup your data or use the Clone Drive to Drive, Clone Drive to Image function under utilities
  • Yellow
    Excessive Age 5+ years or accumulated errors indicating the hard drive is not functioning correctly but still possible via cloning methods to extract your data prior to complete failure. Signs are a slow computer or freezing of the operating system when any attempts are made to access the data on the hard drive. Viewing the contents may only show a partial view of your data with folders missing.
  • Red
    Errors recorded indicate a possible bad read write head or internal failure and it is not recommended to attempt any data transfer from this medium. If you value your data please contact us to help evaluate your options. Signs are failure to boot. a very slow computer or freezing of the operating system when any attempts are made to access the data on the hard drive. Noise… beeping or clicking.
  • Visual aid for the specific results found in the intended S.M.A.R.T. targeted attribute
  • Blank Dial
    Represents a specific storage device that does not have the targeted S.M.A.R.T. attribute to display
    There are notable signs of a failing hard drive that is unable to record or display errors. Signs are extremely slow clones and data transfer times that may include audible noises such as ticking or clicking sounds or the drive is unable to be recognized by windows or this software Please Call DTI Data Recovery 866 438 6932 if data is important